DEMON. is a hip-hop artist with a diverse twist and a focus on creating one-of-a-kind music. His music has a raw attitude, but at the same time, the production of his tracks is clean and unapologetic, making for a fantastic modern feel. Fans of rap artists as diverse as Jay-Z, Drake, Kanye West, and Mac Miller could definitely get on board with DEMON.’s music because this rapper is extremely versatile and spontaneous. He definitely brings a new meaning to the concept of trying new ideas, because his songs often take turns that you wouldn't necessarily expect. As a result, everything he does actually feels fresh and inspired. They say that great rap is definitely a lot about lyrics and storytelling. With that in mind, DEMON. never fails to reach out to the audience with his fantastic lyrics flow and his attention to details. His songs have a timeless attitude, which actually gets them in the same ballpark as some of the most influential rappers out there.